Where should I keep my Origami?

Our recommendations on storing and keeping your Origami when not in use.

We recommend that your Paddler be stored out of the sun and the rain to ensure a long life of all of the components.

Before storing, make sure it is clean and dry and perhaps disinfected. Pay special attention to the seat and any other accessories to make sure they are completely dry.

We don’t want things growing on your Paddler in the dark! If you store the Paddler outside, please cover it. Do not leave straps or ropes tightly around the hull for an extended period of time, especially in warmer weather.

The hull surface, much like the exterior finish of a car, will better retain its appearance if not exposed to the sun while in long-term storage. Each of the three sections has a drain plug that acts as a pressure relief valve – they keep the water out but let the air in and out. Water may accumulate in a hull section as a result of paddling, rain, or condensation.

This is not a defect. To let the water escape, release the plugs, allow water to drain out, and then put them securely back in place.