How do I take care of the Origami

Some basic tips to know about using your Origami

We recommend that you clean your Paddler after each use.

Our waterways and shorelines contain many organic substances that you don’t want in your car or home. Some states and Canada may require you to stop at Watercraft Inspection Stations, and a clean boat is your best bet for keeping the stop brief and hassle-free.

At a minimum, wash down and towel off your Paddler before transporting and storing. You may also want to use a disinfectant to ensure that nothing is growing in your closet or trunk. Dragging your Origami Paddler across the ground or rocks could damage the Origami.

It can also get damaged from sharp rocks on the bottom of a stream or river, or from running aground during boating. So please take care and avoid bouncing or dragging your Paddler!