Can the Origami be used in the Ocean?

The Origami works well in all kinds of water.

We think the Origami works well in all kinds of water. The Origami was made for easy, calm water, but the gentle ocean works awesome! 

We recommend rinsing the Origami throughly with fresh water after each use. 

Lower size rate

Here is a review of using the Origami in the ocean:

Got an Origami in the Atlantic Ocean!
I wanted to try it out, and if you had a question about the Origami in the ocean, my answer is it is pretty easy and awesome!

The water was choppy- even far out, I forgot my PFD, and my nine year old was filming, but as soon as I could, I wanted to share the experience.

From my house to the beach, I travel on the sidewalk and then up a grassy hill before hitting soft and somewhat rocky sand. The wheels worked great once I got the hang of balancing the OP. It was nice to be able to push and pull it. The only times the wheels got stuck were on rocks and me wheeling it into a hole.

Usually, there is strong surf, but then once you get past the surf, it’s a little calmer- that wasn’t the case today.

I felt the Origami was way more stable getting in from chest-deep water and riding.
I was able to stand up for a bit but didn’t feel confident doing so for long because of the waves (and I’m not a great SUPper 😁).

I rode the Origami into the shore several times, my husband and kids did too, and everything felt secure and fun! No hinges cracked or broke.

After wheeling back to the house, we washed it down because sand and saltwater does get everywhere on the OP in the conditions we were in. So FYI- if you were hoping to ride waves as you see here without getting wet, I’m not sure that is possible. But if it was calm and flat, I could slip in and out of the OP without getting too wet.

I also want to add that while we moved the Origami as you would with any paddle board or kayak (we don’t throw boats around or drag them), there were times it got banged around, my kids bumped into it. I also had an incident trying the carry it in paddle mode/ fully extended and fell in the sand causing the OP to drop on the hinges (super graceful 🤣). I don’t see any damage from a family of four taking it to the beach. - Elena

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